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List Of Credit Cards for Filling Gas,travelling,online shopping-discover more,chase sapphire,escape by discover,guest,discover miles card

There are plenty of credit cards available in market. Due to new regulations that limit vendor fees, only a few of these continue to offer a decent cash back reward. We have analyzed the complete list of credit cards and found following credit cards that are best for filling gas, travelling and online shopping.

Discover More Card

If Cash Back is the criteria, Discover More Card beats the competition by wide One of the many problems we found in cash back credit card deals is either they pay a very meager amount i.e. 1% on everything OR they put a limit on how much you can earn in a month or year. Those cars that do not have this problem limit their cash back offer to purchase of gas or certain supermarkets.

Discover card stands out from the crowd. You can earn as much as 5% cash rebate on a reasonably large number of items and vendors. Just to give you an idea here are a few offers.

  1. 5% Cash rebate when you buy an airline ticket.
  2. 5% cash back when you rent a car.
  3. 5% rebates on booking cruises between January and March.
  4. 5% cash back rebate when you shop at Home Improvement Stores, Clothing Stores or Departmental stores (April to June only)
  5. During Nov. and Oct. you get a 5% cash back reward on purchases from Grocery Stores, Movie Theaters or DVD rentals.
  6. Between July and September you get a 5% cash rebate when you fill you gas tank, visit a theme park, Go to Zoo or buy a book.
  7. The real value of a discover card is realized when you get a cash back in tune of 5% to 20% from 130 online shopping websites/vendors i.e., , etc.
Discover also has more than 100 vendors who offer gift cards. With gift cards, You can double the value of your rebates. For example, if you have earned $40 cash back by filling up gas over the month, you can redeem it for a $100 Hyatt Hotel and Resorts Gift Card. or an $90 Celebrity Cruise. isn’t that awesome?

This is not it. You can keep your 5% or more rebate and earn a $50 Cash back Bonus if you spend around $600 in first 3 months. That is equal to 8.35% Cash Back Rebate!

Chase Sapphire Card

chase-sapphire-credit-card If Travel is on your mind, Chase Sapphire Card is a good option. Chase Sapphire is Chase Bank’s new reward credit card. It runs a point system. You can earn reward points for travelling in many ways. These reward points can then be redeemed for cash, airline miles or get a certain gift from Chase’s Reward Catalogue.You can use chase sapphire card on any of the online travel sites like expedia and book your holidays i.e. airline ticket, car, hotel etc.There is a neat trick that can double your rewards. You can get benefits of owning an airline card without having to pay an annual fee. To get this benefit, you need to book online, pay through chase sapphire. pay the bill through points in next statement. Or you can exchange your reward points for airline miles on United and Continental at ONE for ONE ratio.

lg_disc-escape-2Escape by Discover Card

Compared to Chase Sapphire Card, Escape by Discover is an altogether better travel reward card. You can earn Double Miles on your every purchase through this card. We would have listed it higher if it did not have $60 annual fee. Which is still lower than most airline cards.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit CardStarwood

Probably the best card for frequent fliers and travelers. It has an excellent Hotel Reward Program. With Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, You get following benefits.

  1. You can transfer your reward points to Airline Cards.
  2. You get 5,000 bonus air miles on every 20,000 point to air mile transfer.
  3. You can use points to book flights at Starflight.

Biggest disappointment is that the ratio of Point to Air miles transfer is TWO to ONE.discover_card_miles

Discover Miles Card

This card is same as Escape by Discover Card, Only there is no annual fee and you earn double miles for first $3,000 you spend on this card.

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